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#PersonalThoughts : Do Independent Women Need No Men ?

Independent woman ? What comes across your mind when you hear that word ? A career-oriented woman ? A woman who can do anything by herself ? Or just an ordinary woman ? Or even a woman who doesn’t need a support from her man ?

Well ~ whatever comes across your mind might be affected by your perspective. How do you perceive the word woman or how do the society has to do with woman and many more. I’m here not to talk about either your perspective right or wrong.

I assume several men might think that independent woman is a ‘dangerous’ creature, because we *almost do everything by ourselves. You know what I mean by “everything”, don’t you ? Of course I’m not talking about LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Alright back to the topic. My experiences say that man has a tendency for taking care of his woman and feeling pleasure when his woman need them. Then how if his woman take care of herself very well ? Not only we take care of ourselves well, we also have an independent thoughts. We have a strong mind, if I can say so.

That’s okay, that’s cool, that’s totally fine. Then, do you think we’ll just ‘abandon’ our man ? NO. Do you think we don’t need a support from man ? WE NEED THEM. Just like they need us. It’s just what we need from them is more likely to something emotional. Like, when we have a problem which we know how to solve it, we need them to comfort us. By hugging or cuddling or even just ‘useless’ comforting words or maybe comforting sex. That won’t solve our problems literally, but the comforting makes us feel supported and stronger then we can solve the problems whole-heartedly.

How do you think now ? Still ‘scared’ to have an independent woman by your side, man ? We can support each other, you know.

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#BookThoughts : J A N S H E N by Risa Saraswati


Janshen adalah teman tak kasat mata Risa yang paling muda, umurnya baru 6 tahun ketika dia meninggal. Novel ini menceritakan bagaimana kehidupan Janshen beserta keluarganya selama di Hindia Belanda (Indonesia). Sebelum memulai semuanya ada satu hal yang Risa sampaikan bahwa Janshen sebenernya adalah nama belakang anak lelaki periang ini, nama depannya adalah Jantje. Tetapi dirinya lebih suka dipanggil Janshen, menurutnya nama Jantje terdengar seperti nama anak perempuan. Satu hal yang mudah diingat dari sosok Janshen adalah dia suka warna pink karena itu warna kesukaan Annabelle.

The Lovable Family . . . but A Little Bit Unfair

Janshen adalah anak bungsu dari 4 bersaudara, dia satu – satunya anak lelaki dalam keluarganya. Elizabeth, Annabelle, dan Reinna ketiga kakak Janshen yang selalu menyayangi sang bungsu. Kedua orang tua yang berprofesi sebagai pedagang, baik hati kepada siapa pun, keempat anak yang mengikuti jejak kebaikan kedua orang tuanya. Tidak ada yang salah dengan keluarga Janshen, semuanya terlihat sempurna. Tapi apakah kesempurnaan itu memang nyata ? Jawabannya tidak untuk konflik yang lambat laun terjadi pada keluarga ini.

Perhatian orang tua Janshen, terpusat pada anak pertama mereka yang menderita sakit jantung semenjak kecil. Tidak berarti mereka pilih kasih, hanya saja Elizabeth memang memerlukan perhatian lebih agar kesehatan fisik dan mentalnya selalu terjaga. Namun, perhatian tersebut menyebabkan anak – anak mereka yang lain harus sedikit berkorban, ahh atau banyak berkorban, terutama Reinna. Dari situlah masalah mulai bermunculan. Hal itu pula lah yang menyebabkan kematian Reinna. Semuanya sudah terlambat, mereka saling menyesali segala kejadian buruk yang menimpa mereka.

Lalu bagaimana dengan Annabelle ? Kakak kesayangan Janshen ? Annabelle adalah sosok paling dewasa di antara mereka berempat, sering menjadi penengah apabila terjadi pertengkaran di antara mereka. Dia pula lah yang sering menggantikan peran orang tua mereka untuk Janshen. Bukankah Janshen terlalu kecil untuk menghadapi segala masalah yang menimpa keluarga harmonisnya ?

The Unreal Love Stories

Memang ada kisah cinta seperti itu ? Ada. Dan ini terjadi pada keluarga Janshen, pada kedua putri mereka. Aku nggak mau ceritakan kisah cinta mereka. Aku tidak pintar menyusun kata kata tentang cerita cinta. Well ~ that’s not the case. I just don’t want to share it here. It’s much better to read the novel.

The Betrayal

Tidak cukup masalah keluarga menimpa mereka, ketika Nippon (Jepang) menginvasi Hindia Belanda, keluarga ini pun terkena dampaknya. Tentu saja. Mereka kan orang Belanda. Sebaik apapun keluarga Janshen terhadap pribumi (orang Indonesia) tidak menjamin mereka akan melindungi keluarga ini. Ketika perlawanan orang Indonesia terhadap Belanda dan Jepang mulai berkecamuk, satu persatu pribumi yang bekerja pada mereka berbelok arah mendukung perlawanan bangsanya terhadap penjajah.

Personal Thoughts

Sudahlah pokoknya cover novel karangan Risa ini selalu nyaman dipandang mata. Pun novel seri terakhir dari teman tak kasat mata Risa ini. Ilustrasi karakter Janshen dengan warna dasar pale pink, memudahkan aku ketika membayangkan setiap kejadian yang melibatkan Janshen. Walau sayang sekali, ilustrasi gambar di dalam novel ini memiliki resolusi rendah. Entah apa alasan Risa mencantumkan gambar seperti itu.

Aku SUKA BANGET dengan novel ini dibanding W I L L I A M, cara Risa menceritakan kisah Janshen menyenangkan. Bisa bikin emosi aku naik turun. Bahasa novel ini juga enak dicerna, tidak ruwet. Risa benar benar bisa membawa aku memasuki dunia Janshen.

Where to Get

Yupp yupp, novel ini pun milik adikku @galihhayu , dia memang fan Risa. Begitu pre-order dibuka dia langsung membelinya di @sarasvamily , ditandatangani langsung oleh Risa ! Bonus yang bikin adikku super bahagia.

Bisa juga dibeli di Gramedia Online.

*Gambar menyusul

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When A Glass of Move On Chino Boost Your Mood

Almost every brand has its own signature style, am I right ? What interesting to discuss about is the history behind the creation of the signature style. The story might be pleasure, sad, touching, or even ironic. This story about a signature style, signature beverage to be exact, is pretty delight and motivate.

DW Coffee Shop is the name of the coffee shop in town, Malang, one of the busiest city in East Java based on my opinion. The ambience in DW  Coffee Shop is quite cozy, from the interior, it uses wooden chairs and tables in its smooking area and the combination of wooden-iron tables and chairs in its no smooking area. The place is not too big not too small, spacey enough to talk comfortably with your friends or partners; beside DW Coffee Shop has open-wide windows which you won’t feel stuffy inside. It’s a little bit noisy ’cause the coffee located in the roadside, but we can ignore that fact by enjoying the coffee and its signature beverage.

Move On Chino
Move On Chino (Sc. : )

Here we go ! Move On Chino is DW Coffee Shop signature beverage. Based on the owner, another coffee shops don’t have this kind of beverage. Move On Chino is basically the combination of coffee and chocolate which is believed the benefits are to boost the mood and relieve stress. You can actually google more articles about coffee and chocolate benefits. The creator of this menu hoping that the customers who drink Move On Chino will have a better mood and ready to face the ‘rough’ day. Now you can relate why the name is Move On, right ? It’s served both hot and cold, just choose whichever you like.

Ready to order Move On Chino to boost your mood ? But first, you need to believe in order to feel the benefits, don’t you ?

Pssttt you won’t spend much for this beneficial and delicate Move On Chino. 😉

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Oyster Mushroom_Cappuccino Progress – 3rd

Lately, I started working in a coffee shop in town. It has been almost 3 weeks, and within that time I have to master the server’s and cashier’s duties. While mastering that two important roles, I shall learn how to make a good coffee-shot alongside with its art – Latte art to be exact. Even though, I am taking charge of server as stated in the contract, I will take another two important roles which is barista and kitchen. Means I shall make a good coffee and another beverages also the foods. However, making a good coffee-shot is not as easy as its written recipe.

How many grams coffee powder, how do we distribute the coffee in the portafilter, how do we extract the coffee, the time accuracy, how do we steam the fresh milk, how do we pour the steamed milk into the espresso based, how do we make the latte art, and many more which probably will be updated once I get another information about this.

And I think, it will be more fun, and of course useful to update my progress here. So, here it is my 3rd attempt on making Cappuccino. I didn’t take a snap of my 1st and 2nd attempt.

Latte Art_Jamur Tiram

It taste plain, the distribution process and the tamping is not good enough. The steam milk needed to have more foam and more milkyness. I didn’t pour the milk evenly. I didn’t intended to make the oyster mushroom, I don’t even know what that is. LoLs.

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What Plan Do I Have for My Future ?

As I can remember, I started making plan for my life when I was in high school.

I learned Japanese language for approximately 2 years in high school. It was an after-school activity provided by the school. Thanks God, for me, there were only about 10 people joining the course. The more the merrier is not suitable for me when learning everything in a class. LoLs. It made me easier for me to learn Japanese language well. I like the teaching method and the materials. It was super fun !

What was that for ? I planned to apply for bachelor’s degree in Japan after graduating. I did the research a little about the scholarship, the living cost, the environment, what should I prepare, and any other things. However, I didn’t passed the national examinations. It was a big obstacle for me to handle. I, unfortunately, buried deep my dream to study in Japan. Well, the story is quite long but I’m not going to write it here. I might be write the full story in another article.

When I finally made to university, I was so freaking happy AF ! I had about 4 months before starting the university life. Once again I took Japanese language course, this one I needed to pay. LoLs. ‘Cause it was provided by private course. Do I want to start over my study-at-Japan plan ? No, I didn’t. Told you, buried deep that dream ~ I just like learning language. So which point was the plan in this phase ? Learning language, to not wasting my 4 months doing nothing.

Recently, I made another plan, a very big plan I should fulfill no matter what ! * Well let’s see though ~ First thing first, I should graduate from university of course, I’ve been study for 5 years. I know that’s so late, yeah one and another reasons came why I couldn’t finish my study for 4 years. Anyway, that’s not my ‘another plan’, what do I do after graduating is my plan.

Months ago, in the almost the same time, there were 2 possible job vacancies I applied. Those jobs were in a very different field, service work and editorial-team work. I got called to have an interview with the service work. I answered every questions passionately and as realistic as possible also as positively as possible. I was very confident and satisfied with my answers. The acceptance announcement would be 3 days after the interview. I waited and hoping that I got accepted, three days later they texted me saying I got accepted and I was so freaking happy AF, like I screamed in joy ! They asked me to sign the contract 2 days after.

While waiting for that day, I got a phone call which I thought it was from a bank. It turned out that the editorial-team work invited me to have an interview with them. I was also happy but confuse as well, ’cause I already got accepted in the other place. But I didn’t sign the contract yet, it meant I was belong no where. The interview experience was important for a job seeker like me, I decided to come to the interview out of respect for the company.

The interview day came, there were also a writing test like making short news. I was a little bit confuse ’cause they allowed us (the interviee) to access the internet in our own gadget while I didn’t have mobile data on. In the end, I could overcome the obstacles and as myself ofc I was being calmly confident.

There was also an interview after thw writing test. I didn’t expect that they’re going to rebranding their product. I only did practice to answer the possible questions. I was pretty sure that my answer not a bad. However I wasn’t good at organizing the words, I mean, it’s rebranding and waow the question was just amazing.

Then the contract-sign day for the service work came. I officially the crew there. Days after, I got an announcement e-mail telling that I got accepted at the editorial-team work.

I could cancelled the service-work contract. However, I have a pretty high self-determination that I finish what I started. I e-mail the editorial-team work telling them I couldn’t sign a contract with them.

FYI, I can see that the job at editorial-team work is so me. Writing, rebranding, editing, making a concept. And the job in service-work is the opposite. I used to be a leader and working in front of the ‘screen’, now everything is just the opposite. Am I whining ? NO.

Others may questioned my decision, but what they don’t know is my plan behind my decision. What’s the plan ? Tell the story later.

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#PersonalThoughts : Should Myself Fit-In to the Beauty Standard ?

Beauty standard does exist EVERYWHERE. We can’t deny the fact that society form certain beauty standard. It’s also the society whom against that beauty standard when it’s ‘harmful’ for other people.

Are we going to talk about how the beauty standard formed ? Nope. At least not in this article.

What’s the Beauty Standard in Indonesia (particularly Javanese) for female ?

*First thing first I’m going to point out the beauty standard from my very own experience and perspective. It doesn’t apply to anyone, that’s why it called a stereotype. So ~ chill ~

Obviously, have no obesity. Some people say skinny is better than fatty. Probably, in romantic relationship, it’s shameful for some men to ‘walk’ with big girl. Or it’s difficult to hold them. Not sure. Also probably people think fatty is unhealthy, while it’s not 100% true. You know, every body-shapes has a chance to be unhealthy.

No arm & leg hair. Arm and leg hair is just for men. That’s what I thought until high school. I only knew that women had soft and thin arm & leg hair. I entered university and realized that women could also had a pretty thick arm & leg hair. And that’s not a ‘sin’, that’s normal. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Fair skin-tone. Some people call our, Javanese people, skin-tone as exotic. It’s not dark yet not very bright, just like tanned-skin. We call it ‘sawo matang’, literally means ripped ‘sawo’ (kind of fruit). However, having bright skin consider as prettier than having ‘sawo matang’ skin. Like, when people ask what girl’s type men would like to date. They always mention, “Tinggi (tall), putih (bright skin), langsing (slim)”. Every person has their own type okay ? So chill ~~

Straight & Long Hair. Long hair considered as feminine, straight hair considered as tidy and pretty. Having short hair particularly men-like-haircut considered as a tomboy, even parents want their daughters to maintain their hair long. Talking about hair shape, there was the era where straightener tool is famous and almost all of my female friends have it. And most of them straighten their hair. Then, another era came where perm and wavy hair became a trend. Well ~ it’s just up to our decision either to follow the trend or not, right ?

What’s my relationship with those beauty standard ?

I couldn’t count how many people -for my entire 24 years life- told me that I’m fat, I need to lose weight, I have unhealthy body, I won’t get a man ’cause I’m fat, asking my body’s weight. I got offended, ’cause I KNEW they didn’t say that to encourage me to be a better person. They did that ’cause I was different from probably what they expected. And I didn’t ask them to interfere my body, I didn’t interfere theirs as well. Lately, I don’t take what others words as an ‘insult’. Whatever they say, I’m here just being myself. And doing my best to become healthy and happy !

So the answer for ‘Should I Fit-In to the Beauty Standard?’ is NO.

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#OnlineResearch : The Relationship Between Millennials and Music

Music is not a privilege for millennials, however millennials affect the music industry these days. What is the relationship between millennials and music ?

First thing first let’s break down what millennials supposed to mean. Some articles say millennials born between 1980 and 1994, another articles say millennials born between 1980 and 2000. Let’s not debate about that here, okay ? There are several stereotypes characteristics of millennials which tend to the negative sides, such as :

  1. Millennials prefer having small-paid job which comply their passion rather than having a high-paid job which doesn’t meet their requirements even though they have the qualifications for the job;
  2. Millennials are consider lazy because they see themselves as the more hard-working and responsible rather than the generation before them;
  3. Millennials work to live rather than live to work;
  4. Millennials are compulsive job-hoppers, they will go to one job to another jobs to meet their satisfaction;
  5. Millennials have little time for experienced colleagues.

Do you think those stereotypes are absolutely true ? Or do you have another idea about the millennials’ characteristics ? Either those are applied to every individual or only stereotypes because of certain people, I believe there’s the reasons behind it.

The relationship between millennials and music. The data given by ERA and BPI that millennials listen to music 75% more than baby boomers (people who were born between 1946 and 1964). Based on Billboard survey about millennials artist on music industry on 2016, ‘Where Are U Now’ by Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber and ‘Royal’ by Lorde is the best songs which represent millennials best. While Kehlani is one of the most innovative millennials singer. Those data from the survey took place in USA and Britain, but it can represents a little bit about music industry in Indonesia.

Let’s break down some well-known Indonesian millennial artists in music industry.

  1. Raisa and Isyana Sarasvati, as their newest collaboration single ‘Anganku Anganmu‘ music video watched by more than 10 million viewers on YouTube, which just released on March 2017. That is such a huge hits ! The worth mentioning thing is both of them were born on early 90’s.
  2. Tulus, as his latest album ‘Monokrom’ with some best hits such as ‘Monokrom‘ and ‘Pamit‘, chosen as Album of The Year Indonesian Choice Awards 2017. Tulus, himself, also chosen as Male Singer of The Year in the same award;
  3. Rizky Febian, born on late 90’s, well-known for his songs ‘Kesempurnaan Cinta‘ and ‘Penantian Berharga‘ which both the music videos watched by more than 30 million viewers.
  4. Jaz, a 23-year-old male singer, with his most best song ‘Dari Mata‘ which released on May 2016 as the music video watched by more than 30 million viewer on YouTube. Like almost everywhere I go, mall or cafe, the song is being played. He is nominated as the Favorite Male Singer on Cornetto Pop Awards this July;
  5. Yura Yunita, from her album ‘Yura’ there are hits songs such as ‘Cinta dan Rahasia‘ and ‘Berawal dari Tatap‘. She has been nominated several awards such as Indonesian Choice Awards and Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Award. Yura was chosen as the Most Friendly Musician in OZ Radio Bandung FM Awards 2017;
  6. Dipha Barus, the only DJ mentioned in this list, he collaborated with some singers such as Rinni Wulandari & Teza Sumendra with their song ‘Lemme Get That‘, Kallula with their song ‘No One Can Stop Us‘ and Nadin ‘All Good‘. He was chosen as the Best Dance/ Electronic Production Work at AMI Award 2016.

I can say that their music represents the millennial music listeners in Indonesia. I can get several similarities from them :

  1. The genre mostly are pop, jazz, and the collaboration between those two; including Dipha Barus even though his music has EDM aspect in it. Millennials listening more soft music these days to balance their ‘rough’ days;
  2. The songs mostly talk about romantic relationship and love, which probably millennials concern about it more and represent their life;
  3. The music video style is like a short movie, which millennials enjoying audio visual platform;
  4. The singers’ voice is clear and they have easy-listening songs, which millennials prefer a relaxing music to refresh their mind from their dense daily routine;
  5. They mostly released their single(s) or album on digital platform such as Spotify and YouTube, where most millennials prefer those platform rather than the physical form like CD/ DVD.

From the conclusion above, we can say that music these days represents the life of millennials. And the music industries might be adjust themselves to the millennials ‘requirements’ toward music as for 2020 they will be the most productive generation.