Emang Bisa Kopi Berasa Strawberry ?

Emang yang satu ini special sampai aku bikin review di sini, eh nggak ding padahal aku nggak sempet mau review di IG story.

Namanya Esthu Coffee tempatnya mungil, simple, cukuplah buat ngopi dan ngobrol sama temen. Malah bisa aja ke sana sendirian, kayak aku pas ke sana pertama kali beberapa jam awal sendirian. Disapa dong sama baristanya, diajakin ngobrol. Berkat keramahan Mas Hasan, mas barista, aku beranikan diri buat duduk di bar dan sharing tentang kopi. Lagi penasaran sama biji arabika dan metode seduh manual, jadilah itu yang kami bahas. Ini apa’an sih, apa barista sesungguhnya itu emang selalu ramah ke customer yak ? Mas Hasan ini juga, baik, mau sharing ilmu. Tunggu tunggu sebelum aku nglantur soal betapa luar biasanya ilmu Mas Hasan, aku bakal review kopi yang aku pesan.

Sukatani, iyaak dari namanya udah keliatan belum sih kalo berasal dari Jawa Barat ? Anyway, as per usual aku request biar body’nya dibikin medium or light. Nah pas dihidangkan, aku ciumlah aroma kopinya. Yak ampun ! Berasa kek strawberry kecut kecut manis, soothing lah baunya. Begitu kuicip, rasanya yaa kayak kecutnya strawberry, kecut yang mengenakkan lidah. Udah deh bayangin aja minum kopi dengan hint rasa strawberry. Kalo aku sih suka ! Untuk meyakinkan apakah memang benar yang aku rasakan, aku melipir ke bar dan ngintip bungkus beans ini. Ehh iyaa emang tertera kalo ada hint rasa strawberry (semoga aku benar ini) dan aku lupa apa lagi yang tertulis.

Betapa bahagianya aku bisa ngrasain flavour kopi. Setiap kali ngopi, nggak selalu aku bisa merasakan flavour apa yang muncul karena nggak bisa mendeskripsikan apa yang dikecap sama lidahku. Menurutku pribadi, lidahku punya kelemahan dalam mendeskripsikan rasa. Jangankan flavour, bahkan masih bisa dihitung jari berapa kali aku bisa merasakan sweetness kopi. Itulah alasan utama aku jadi sering nyobain bean Arabica dengan seduh manual, untuk memperkuat kemampuan lidahku dalam mengecap rasa.

Back to Sukatani, saking enaknya dalam beberapa sruputan aja udah abis nih. Sampe sekarang pun aku nggak bisa nglupain flavour Sukatani. Saking desperatenya aku intip website Amstirdam siapa tau beans ini available, eh emang ada. Tapi aku belum beli, ntar kali yaa abis gajian. Memang kuyakin rasanya akan berbeda saat Mas Hasan yang bikin dengan aku yang bikin, sekalipun beansnya sama dan aku udah curi metode Mas Hasan. Anyway, I have to give it a shot, right ?

Metode yang dipake Mas Hasan, pake suhu tinggi dan pas itu thermometer dia lagi pada rusak akhirnya dia kira – kira aja. Pake durasi pendek dan grind size kasar. Hasilnya yaa itu tadi enak ! Pas aku mlipir di bar, dia bikin entah apa pokok dikasih satu sloki. Uwaow enak juga loh, but not my favourite.

I will return there for sure !

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When A Glass of Move On Chino Boost Your Mood

Almost every brand has its own signature style, am I right ? What interesting to discuss about is the history behind the creation of the signature style. The story might be pleasure, sad, touching, or even ironic. This story about a signature style, signature beverage to be exact, is pretty delight and motivate.

DW Coffee Shop is the name of the coffee shop in town, Malang, one of the busiest city in East Java based on my opinion. The ambience in DW  Coffee Shop is quite cozy, from the interior, it uses wooden chairs and tables in its smooking area and the combination of wooden-iron tables and chairs in its no smooking area. The place is not too big not too small, spacey enough to talk comfortably with your friends or partners; beside DW Coffee Shop has open-wide windows which you won’t feel stuffy inside. It’s a little bit noisy ’cause the coffee located in the roadside, but we can ignore that fact by enjoying the coffee and its signature beverage.

Move On Chino
Move On Chino (Sc. : )

Here we go ! Move On Chino is DW Coffee Shop signature beverage. Based on the owner, another coffee shops don’t have this kind of beverage. Move On Chino is basically the combination of coffee and chocolate which is believed the benefits are to boost the mood and relieve stress. You can actually google more articles about coffee and chocolate benefits. The creator of this menu hoping that the customers who drink Move On Chino will have a better mood and ready to face the ‘rough’ day. Now you can relate why the name is Move On, right ? It’s served both hot and cold, just choose whichever you like.

Ready to order Move On Chino to boost your mood ? But first, you need to believe in order to feel the benefits, don’t you ?

Pssttt you won’t spend much for this beneficial and delicate Move On Chino. 😉

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Oyster Mushroom_Cappuccino Progress – 3rd

Lately, I started working in a coffee shop in town. It has been almost 3 weeks, and within that time I have to master the server’s and cashier’s duties. While mastering that two important roles, I shall learn how to make a good coffee-shot alongside with its art – Latte art to be exact. Even though, I am taking charge of server as stated in the contract, I will take another two important roles which is barista and kitchen. Means I shall make a good coffee and another beverages also the foods. However, making a good coffee-shot is not as easy as its written recipe.

How many grams coffee powder, how do we distribute the coffee in the portafilter, how do we extract the coffee, the time accuracy, how do we steam the fresh milk, how do we pour the steamed milk into the espresso based, how do we make the latte art, and many more which probably will be updated once I get another information about this.

And I think, it will be more fun, and of course useful to update my progress here. So, here it is my 3rd attempt on making Cappuccino. I didn’t take a snap of my 1st and 2nd attempt.

Latte Art_Jamur Tiram

It taste plain, the distribution process and the tamping is not good enough. The steam milk needed to have more foam and more milkyness. I didn’t pour the milk evenly. I didn’t intended to make the oyster mushroom, I don’t even know what that is. LoLs.

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Is Coffee My Life ?

That’s a pretty easy question yet tough answer. At least for me.

I don’t remember when did exactly I start to like coffee.

Probably it was just me watching my mother drinking coffee every morning, since her teenage life even until now, she is 54. Then I got emerged on it and started liking coffee. I don’t know, not sure.

How do my mother drink coffee ? Like any other households in mostly Indonesia; she mixes the coffee powder with granulated sugar then pouring the hot water. Stir it until the sugar dissolved. We calls it kopi tubruk.

She drinks the coffee after it settles down in the bottom of the cup. And it has a delicate taste !

Anyway I’m not going to talk about my mother’s liking toward coffee.

It’s me, my turn, I wonder whether coffee is my life.

Wait ! Is it even a necessary topic to talk about ? Yes absolutely !

Morning coffee. That’s what cross my mind when people say, “I’m a coffee drinker” or “I’m a coffee lover”.

They can’t start the day without drinking their morning coffee. Either they drink it at home or buy it on their way to their work.

And that is super cool !

However that’s not what I am. I can’t drink coffee in the morning, or I even barely have my breakfast. It makes me nauseous.

Why ? Perhaps, my body can’t adjust itself to caffeine.

*First thing first yeah I know tea also has caffeine on it, and I don’t drink tea often.

Well ~ I’m not sure, I’ve never had any medical check-up before so I just make my assumption.

The coffee affect on my body is probably common for “amateur” coffee drinkers; nausea, feeling super active, feeling excited, dizziness, I even throw up everything I digested before drinking the coffee.

I don’t want to give up on coffee despite the effects to my body.

Observing my own body. I drink the coffee brand my mother always buys, it’s an  arabica  coffee. And yeah my body gives me the reactions I mentioned before.

Lately, I realized that my body reacts quite different towards robusta coffee. I get less nauseous.

What makes my body reacts differently ? I, then, comparing these two species of coffee.

An article here says that arabica coffee has a little bit sour taste, also I find another article here says that the acidity is high. That article also says that the robusta coffee has more, almost double, caffeine than arabica coffee.

Then I understand that my body wants the lower acidity in the coffee and pretty fine with the caffeine.

Yes ! I finally figure it out ! Sorry caffeine, I “blame” you all these years. Now I know !

Since then I often buy my “own” low acidity robusta coffee. If the term makes sense. LoLs.

I can have my morning coffee now ? Nope. My body still can’t consume it in the morning, I can’t stand the wanna-throw-up feeling !

Is coffee my life now ? If “my life” means I can’t live without coffee, then the answer is NO. Then do I still consider as a coffee lover ? Yes I am, I enjoying drinking it whenever I want to.

— It is always delightful to find my “own” coffee — Rani Aisyah