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(Fake) Harry Potter Wand Eyeshadow Brushes

Alohomora !!!

I’m not a huge fan of Harry Potter’s books or movies, yeah I watched the movies but you know can’t call myself the HUGE fan. Anyway, I saw an IG store posted the picture a I was like, ” Oh my God, I shall have those magical brushes !” And here it is. These brushes are not the authentic one, it’s the fake version. I bought it ’cause it’s affordable, I can’t afford the original one. That’s an excuse ? Yeah whatever.


The package consists of a black velvet pouch and 5 eye brushes. The handle of the brushes is heavy, not sure what its made of maybe like a metal or something similar. They don’t have anything printed on its handle, no brushes’ name or usage, but it’s easy to recognise its usage. All the hair are pretty soft, it won’t hurt your face at least. I’ve already used and washed it more than 5 times, the hair won’t fall and the smoothness remains.

I’m not sure whose wands these are, so I’m just guessing based on this website and depending on my not-really-good eyesight when I write this.

The Brushes

Albus Dumbledore – Blending Brush

I usually use this to blend the eyeshadow on my crease. It fits my eyes’ size perfectly, not too small not to big. Although it’s a little bit dense on the bridge of the hair, but not a problem I can make it works.

Harry Potter – Pointed Brush

This brush is dense yet still soft, using it to apply dark colour eyeshadow (for smokey eyes) on the outer tip of my eyelids. Recently, I washed the brushes and this pointed brush was broken, the hair loose ’cause the glue no longer sticky. I took out the hair then replaced it with another hair brush. Yeah the handle still in good condition, thanks God !

Hermione Granger – Flat Angled Brush

This is the smallest brush in this set, I uses it to apply the eyeshadow on my lower lash-line. It can also be used for applying gel eyeliner and defining eyebrows.

Ronald Weasley – Angled Brush

This is the fluffiest brush in this set, I sometimes use it to blend the eyeshadow on my crease but it’s too big for my eye. So yeah I also use it to (powder) contour my nose.

Lord Voldemort – Flat Brush

I use this small brush to tap the eyeshadow on my eyelids. The performance is not really good. I thought the eyeshadow was the problem, but after trying it with another eyeshadows, the performance still not good. I must spray water or face mist so the eyeshadow will stick to the brush.

Cleaning Process

I just wash it with cold water and antiseptic soap or baby shampoo, clean it thoroughly by swirling the brushes on patterned platform, then rinse with luke-warm water. Dry it by press it on paper towel, I sometimes use hair-dryer on low heat when the weather is not sunny. It takes 2 or 3 days to completely dry.

Where to Buy ?

I bought this set in an online shop for IDR 120.000 (excluding the shipping cost). Not sure whether they still sell it though.

P.S. : All the images featured here belongs to my personal documents

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#PersonalThoughts : Should Myself Fit-In to the Beauty Standard ?

Beauty standard does exist EVERYWHERE. We can’t deny the fact that society form certain beauty standard. It’s also the society whom against that beauty standard when it’s ‘harmful’ for other people.

Are we going to talk about how the beauty standard formed ? Nope. At least not in this article.

What’s the Beauty Standard in Indonesia (particularly Javanese) for female ?

*First thing first I’m going to point out the beauty standard from my very own experience and perspective. It doesn’t apply to anyone, that’s why it called a stereotype. So ~ chill ~

Obviously, have no obesity. Some people say skinny is better than fatty. Probably, in romantic relationship, it’s shameful for some men to ‘walk’ with big girl. Or it’s difficult to hold them. Not sure. Also probably people think fatty is unhealthy, while it’s not 100% true. You know, every body-shapes has a chance to be unhealthy.

No arm & leg hair. Arm and leg hair is just for men. That’s what I thought until high school. I only knew that women had soft and thin arm & leg hair. I entered university and realized that women could also had a pretty thick arm & leg hair. And that’s not a ‘sin’, that’s normal. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Fair skin-tone. Some people call our, Javanese people, skin-tone as exotic. It’s not dark yet not very bright, just like tanned-skin. We call it ‘sawo matang’, literally means ripped ‘sawo’ (kind of fruit). However, having bright skin consider as prettier than having ‘sawo matang’ skin. Like, when people ask what girl’s type men would like to date. They always mention, “Tinggi (tall), putih (bright skin), langsing (slim)”. Every person has their own type okay ? So chill ~~

Straight & Long Hair. Long hair considered as feminine, straight hair considered as tidy and pretty. Having short hair particularly men-like-haircut considered as a tomboy, even parents want their daughters to maintain their hair long. Talking about hair shape, there was the era where straightener tool is famous and almost all of my female friends have it. And most of them straighten their hair. Then, another era came where perm and wavy hair became a trend. Well ~ it’s just up to our decision either to follow the trend or not, right ?

What’s my relationship with those beauty standard ?

I couldn’t count how many people -for my entire 24 years life- told me that I’m fat, I need to lose weight, I have unhealthy body, I won’t get a man ’cause I’m fat, asking my body’s weight. I got offended, ’cause I KNEW they didn’t say that to encourage me to be a better person. They did that ’cause I was different from probably what they expected. And I didn’t ask them to interfere my body, I didn’t interfere theirs as well. Lately, I don’t take what others words as an ‘insult’. Whatever they say, I’m here just being myself. And doing my best to become healthy and happy !

So the answer for ‘Should I Fit-In to the Beauty Standard?’ is NO.


Just Miss ULTIMATTE in Queen Bee

Just Miss is one of the local Indonesia’s cosmetics brand which has various products with affordable price. From the decorative cosmetics products to nail products.

Just Miss is usually sold in Stroberi store at certain mall.

This time I’ll write a review, which definitely my own opinion, about Just Miss ULTIMATTE Waterproof Lip Cream in Queen Bee.

Queen Bee is an orchid shade with magenta undertone.

Just Miss ULTIMATTE in Queen Bee


IMHO, it has a creamy-liquidy formula, at first it pretty liquidy then feels creamy on the lips.

This lip cream dries pretty fast, if you need another coat apply it as fast as possible or else the dry coat will come off.

Just Miss ULTIMATTE in Queen Bee has a pretty dead-matte finish, which people might look for.

It has a quite good coverage, one coat can fill in the whole lips.



I’ve only wore it twice, yet I could already tell this lip cream was long lasting.

I wore it from around 9 am. and it lasted until the next morning, yeah I didn’t erase my lipstick.

A tiny little amount faded on the butthole lips after I ate my meals like three times.

Nothing Special with The Applicator, Just Like Another Liquid Lipstick


The fragrance is super nice, a strawberry-sweet-like kind of smell.

Pretty similar with Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Love/ Amour.

The Shade Here is Lighter than The Actual Shade

Does it suit my taste ?

I didn’t lips-swatch this liquid lipstick ’cause found it uncomfortable on my lips, even though I applied lip balm first.

It dried easily, not a bad thing of course, yet not a good thing either for me.

I couldn’t build up the colour ’cause once I applied another coat, the coat on my lips swept away.

Maybe I couldn’t use the applicator well that it turned out not as I expected.

Anyway I actually love the colour, still going to wear it.

I might apply it with my finger, don’t use the applicator. LoLs.

I find it lighter and easier to apply that way.

The Shade Here is Pretty Similar with The Actual Shade

Where to buy ?

I bought this on Stroberi store at MOG (Mall Olympic Garden) Malang, the price was IDR 36,000.

MATOS (Malang Town Square) also has Stroberi store which you might find it there as well.

You can also buy it on Just Miss official online store, it costs IDR 35,000.

Thank you for reading ! Have a nice day !


P.S. : All the images featured here belongs to my personal documents.