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What Plan Do I Have for My Future ?

As I can remember, I started making plan for my life when I was in high school.

I learned Japanese language for approximately 2 years in high school. It was an after-school activity provided by the school. Thanks God, for me, there were only about 10 people joining the course. The more the merrier is not suitable for me when learning everything in a class. LoLs. It made me easier for me to learn Japanese language well. I like the teaching method and the materials. It was super fun !

What was that for ? I planned to apply for bachelor’s degree in Japan after graduating. I did the research a little about the scholarship, the living cost, the environment, what should I prepare, and any other things. However, I didn’t passed the national examinations. It was a big obstacle for me to handle. I, unfortunately, buried deep my dream to study in Japan. Well, the story is quite long but I’m not going to write it here. I might be write the full story in another article.

When I finally made to university, I was so freaking happy AF ! I had about 4 months before starting the university life. Once again I took Japanese language course, this one I needed to pay. LoLs. ‘Cause it was provided by private course. Do I want to start over my study-at-Japan plan ? No, I didn’t. Told you, buried deep that dream ~ I just like learning language. So which point was the plan in this phase ? Learning language, to not wasting my 4 months doing nothing.

Recently, I made another plan, a very big plan I should fulfill no matter what ! * Well let’s see though ~ First thing first, I should graduate from university of course, I’ve been study for 5 years. I know that’s so late, yeah one and another reasons came why I couldn’t finish my study for 4 years. Anyway, that’s not my ‘another plan’, what do I do after graduating is my plan.

Months ago, in the almost the same time, there were 2 possible job vacancies I applied. Those jobs were in a very different field, service work and editorial-team work. I got called to have an interview with the service work. I answered every questions passionately and as realistic as possible also as positively as possible. I was very confident and satisfied with my answers. The acceptance announcement would be 3 days after the interview. I waited and hoping that I got accepted, three days later they texted me saying I got accepted and I was so freaking happy AF, like I screamed in joy ! They asked me to sign the contract 2 days after.

While waiting for that day, I got a phone call which I thought it was from a bank. It turned out that the editorial-team work invited me to have an interview with them. I was also happy but confuse as well, ’cause I already got accepted in the other place. But I didn’t sign the contract yet, it meant I was belong no where. The interview experience was important for a job seeker like me, I decided to come to the interview out of respect for the company.

The interview day came, there were also a writing test like making short news. I was a little bit confuse ’cause they allowed us (the interviee) to access the internet in our own gadget while I didn’t have mobile data on. In the end, I could overcome the obstacles and as myself ofc I was being calmly confident.

There was also an interview after thw writing test. I didn’t expect that they’re going to rebranding their product. I only did practice to answer the possible questions. I was pretty sure that my answer not a bad. However I wasn’t good at organizing the words, I mean, it’s rebranding and waow the question was just amazing.

Then the contract-sign day for the service work came. I officially the crew there. Days after, I got an announcement e-mail telling that I got accepted at the editorial-team work.

I could cancelled the service-work contract. However, I have a pretty high self-determination that I finish what I started. I e-mail the editorial-team work telling them I couldn’t sign a contract with them.

FYI, I can see that the job at editorial-team work is so me. Writing, rebranding, editing, making a concept. And the job in service-work is the opposite. I used to be a leader and working in front of the ‘screen’, now everything is just the opposite. Am I whining ? NO.

Others may questioned my decision, but what they don’t know is my plan behind my decision. What’s the plan ? Tell the story later.


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