My Concern

#PersonalThoughts : Let’s Not Have Any Commitments

This is about romantic relationships.

What’s the point of having commitment when it’ll hurt one or both sides ?

I want to have a man whom I love and love me back, our love should be equals.

IMO, love needs commitment while I don’t want it.

People will eventually get hurt but I don’t want to get hurt by our commitments, because the healing process will take quite some times or it’ll remain forever. I don’t want that !

The commitments will bring ourselves to our families.

Can we have our commitments without your families or mine bother us ? Ever ?

They can be the most supported people for us ever, yet they can be hurting us even worse than strangers.

‘Cause I’ve been going through that for my entire life. I’m tired !

Then can we just ~ the two of us ?

If it’s not possible, then let me just not loving you or even knowing you.


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